Freedom 24-7 Security

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Wireless Security

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24Hr Monitoring

Home safety, intruder, theft, fire and medical emergency monitoring done by state of art technologically advanced monitoring at Metro365 facilities.

911 Dispatch

E911 remote activation and emergency call  that notify Ambulance, Fire and Police at the press of button or during a system alert notification or distress signal.

Home Automation

Control your lights, appliances, electronics, thermostat, and monitor energy consumption all controlled from Metro365 Home Automation Manager.

Utility Timer

Metro365 advanced utility features, are unsurpassed when it comes to energy conservation and monitoring. Utility timers help reduce utility bill costs.

Responsive Software

Metro365 digital security software is a responsive cloud based intranet and internet based web enabled application that is responsive across devices.

Service FeaturesDigital Security Service

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Metro365 Digital Security
  • Up to 10 Sensors
  • Rapid Responding Operators
  • Emergency Notification
  • Video, Lights, & Electronics
  • Monitor and Manage Utilities
  • Phone, Tablet, PC Devices
Metro365 Digital Security
  • Protect Offices
  • Protect Warehousing
  • Protect Stores
  • Protect Medical Facilities
  • Protect Food Establishments
  • Protect Nightclubs & Bars
Metro365 Digital Security
  • Commercial Monitoring
  • Industrial Monitoring
  • Retail Monitoring
  • Medical Related Monitoring
  • Restaurant Monitoring
  • Entertainment Monitoring
Only $19.95 Per Month

Order Freedom 24-7 Security

Control and monitor your home via your Mobile Phone, Tablet and PC.

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