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Genre360 Dataunlock the power of the internet

Enlife360 present to users adaptive internet content that is designed to help influence and enhance the users interactive internet experience. With over 30 unique features. Enlife360 Adaptive Internet Content engine is smart intuitive and adapts to the User's lifestyle.  Enlife360 present to users personalized internet content that is designed to match the user's tastes and preferences to a tailored fit lifestyle. The applications uses a patented algorithm that enhance the user personalized psychometric attributes that are consistent with the user's psychological profile.


Enlife360 present to users adaptive television content that is designed to help influence and enhance the users interactive television experience. With over 200,000 local and premium channels Enlife360 smart television features personalized programming using an intuitive, smart and adaptive television content engine that matches the User's individual lifestyle, socio-demographic attributes and psychometric profile to television programming that compliment the user's preferences.

Genre360 MusicPersonalized Adaptable Music

Enlife360 radio present User's with personalized talk, music, and entertainment driven radio from over 200,000 radio choices and combinations, listen to music, your favorite program, audio books, or whatever you like all geared to you personalized psychometric attributes, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Genre360 Voiceunlimited nationwide calling

Enlife360 digital magazine library is boastfully the world most productive library catalog, with titles ranging from every category and multiple language sources, you will enjoy hours of informative and entertaining articles tips and advice. Take advantage of personalized subscriptions and enjoy your favorite magazine on all your devices.

Genre360 Securitydigital home security system

Enlife360 using a patent algorithm and method to analyze the User's 360 psychometric profile. The user is required to complete a series of short questionnaires that are used to help identify the user's socio-demographical profile, Personality Type,  Abstract Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Computer Skill Set, Emotional Quotient, Mechanical Reasoning, Cognitive Reasoning, IQ Reasoning, and Spatial Ability Reasoning. The application scores, tracks, monitors, and collect data concerning these attributes and deliver content and content based solutions to users based on a logical comparison based system.

Genre360 Automationeasy to use home automation

The Enlife360 advertising network is made of  8 advertising platforms consisting of smart ads, metaderm tags, a metrics reporting system, metro365 networks, a search based relational program that connects and graph responses. Due to the nature of competition in the advertising landscape. Details about this programs are limited in scope and only briefly mentioned for informative purposes only.

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